4 thoughts on “U2 on Jonathan Ross”

  1. I thought Bono sounded hoarse, but still good. What’s really great is how good “I Will Follow” still sounds. I love the new album, but the two songs they played from it sounded much better live.

    I’d love to see them again, but I’m too old to bothered with a huge stadium show (unless I had really good seats) and I really have no interest in standing in a field in Meath to see them. I’d really love to see them in a small venue (like the Point), but that ain’t gonna happen.

  2. I had another look at it, he was hoarse singing Vertigo, but singing I will follow he was pricless.

    I couldnt be arsed seein them in Croke Park either next year – rumour has that will be the venue. I agree, smaller venues are always better.

  3. he look like the guy in the movie by that guy in early 2005, the long haired fellow, in that movie set in dodge city, the paedophile

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