Many die in Baghdad police ambush

This marks a new tactic by the insurge… terrorist murderers.

Insurgents lured Iraqi policemen to a house in west Baghdad and set off a huge amount of explosives, killing at least 29 people, seven of them police.

It’s estimated that 1 tonne of explosives were wired to the building. It does seem like alot of effort for the relatively small amount of casualties, especially since most of those killed were civilians. Are Iraqis not getting pissed off with this?

One thought on “Many die in Baghdad police ambush”

  1. “Are Iraqis not getting pissed off with this?”

    I think the insurgents haven’t got to the stage of the Armalite and ballot box yet. The Iraqis I talk to in London say that it’s not a terrorism problem, it’s a Sunni problem. What matters is that you now have a Sistanim, a major figure of unimpeachable credentials within Shia Islam, nurturing a democracy.

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