3 thoughts on “Saakashvili steps in as PM dies”

  1. I’d guess that you’ve never lived in Georgia if you think that Zhvania and Usupov were wealthy, and that the apartment they died in must have been “modern.” I don’t know any more than the official accounts (and FBI investigation) say about the circumstances of their deaths, but I’ve lived in Georgia, and there’s nothing obviously outlandish about the simple, non-conspiratorial explanation.

  2. I am getting my information from Georgian people, one of whom cited that Zhvania’s wife used to be a teacher, and they were relatively poor. As soon as he entered politics their wealth increased alot, cars, house etc. Most Georgian people I spoke to believe that Zhvania was murdered, whether or not I have been to Georgia doesn’t seem relevant.

  3. hmm. I wonder who you speak to?
    Zhvania and his wife were poor and their life conditions did improve after entering politics – they moved out from his parents’ flat to a two room flat (NOT two bedroom, just two rooms), not in the fanciest areas of Tbilisi. there were no cars (plural). He did not need any – government provided due to his position.
    To say that their wealth increased the same way as did most people working under Shevi – is simply unfair. he had his vices, but he was not Mr. Corruption. He never scored high on the list of Georgia’s most corrupt – while he totally could have! That deserves credit.
    AND there will not be “more” on this issue. even though you promised… only more speculations. It could have been accident and he could have been murdered. my personal view 40%/60% (40%-accident). only one thing is 100% – we will never know the real truth.

    BTW, Great Blog! Thanks for taking so much interest in Georgia! I will be coming back more often!

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