Lone Gunmen and 9/11

I just came across this interesting story. I do remember that as X-Files was winding up, a spin off series, the Lone Gunmen, was piloted. I think it was shown over here on Sky One, but I never got to see it. It was based on the three geek-types fron the X-Files.

Curiously the pilot episode was a little predictive – in the pilot episode a plane is hijacked by remote control and flown towards…you guessed it, the World Trade Center. Not only that, but according to the plot, shady figures in the US government organised and directed the attack, and after blaming it on terrorists, would hope to get a larger military budget, and perhaps fulfill some foreign policy ambitions.

Chilling indeed.

One thought on “Lone Gunmen and 9/11”

  1. I work for the Skulls and Bones >> 322, I helped plan and implement several attacks on ‘we the people.’ Yet the Skull and Bones do not know I work for the Illuminati, ‘the infinitely enlightened’ and we are planning an attack of our own on them. The Skull and Bones will soon lose their power over the people, and will have to stop the tyranny, deceit, fear mongering and war propaganda. We the people will be free to live in peace, prosperity and happiness once again, as our fore-fathers and mothers wanted.

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