I was struck by this photo, one I don’t remember seeing before. I am always struck by photos of this nature, I think because this happened in ‘modern’ times it makes it more real. But photos from the First or Second World Wars also show people who are about to die, and you know they are about to. I think the ‘immediacy’ of older photos is lost, but they are essentially showing the same subject – inevitable death. And death does come to us all eventually.

Perhaps photos like this remind me of my own mortality, and I know when I look at this photo that hundreds of people were alive when it was taken, but moments later were dead. I think the space between the plane and the building demonstrates how short life can be, how little time we have here, and how precious each moment is. So I do not think this photo morbid, instead it gives me solice, and makes me reflect on my own life and how I treat people as I go through it.

3 thoughts on “B&W”

  1. Aw come on Twenty,

    it’s not as if they were going for a moving target, or anything.

    This was the Twin Towers. There were two of them. The tallest buildings in the country. You couldn’t miss them!


  2. One of the few photos I’ve seen where you only see one of the towers. I suppose, why take a photo of only one of them? Amazing photo though…

    Where’d ya find it?

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