Salam Pax vs George Galloway

Former blogger Salam Pax turned up at the manifesto launch for the Respect party and asked why Mr Galloway wanted the immediate withdrawal of occupying troops from Iraq. To which Galloway replied:

We are not going to agree on this. You are a supporter of the war. You are a supporter of the occupation and I am an opponent. Your family joined the puppet government.

Harry’s Place have more here. Eric the Unread puts it more graphically, and Norman Geras responds.

Update May 6th: Galloway has now had a run in with Jeremy Paxman – you can watch it here.







One response to “Salam Pax vs George Galloway”

  1. Brian avatar

    Ive been suspicious of Salam Pax for a long time. Its revealing that his hatred of saddam lets him suppport the US invasion and occupation…He is the sort of Iraqi who is morally responsibally for the chaos that has overwhelmed iraq ever since.