Kingdom of Heaven

Doesn’t sound like a great one, but then what do I expect from Scott? Anyone else going to catch it?






2 responses to “Kingdom of Heaven”

  1. Peter Nolan avatar

    I’ll bet it’s really politically correct e.g. bad Christians, saintly Muslims etc. etc.

    I saw a program on the corsairs who used to raid Europe, including the Irish and British coasts right up until after the Napoleonic wars, and enslave their captives. One Moroccan historian explained the supposedly-exalted position of one Englishwoman who ended up as one of the Emir’s wives. You wouldn’t get away with making the same comments about Jefferson Davis!

  2. WindsandBreezes avatar

    I’m toying with it. Normally I’d be there like a shot but I’m not entirely sure that Orlando Bloom can carry an epic film on his shoulders. He hasn’t shone in anything else I’ve seen him.