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  • Rita Hayworth – Bewitched

    Rita doing her thang. The movie Pal Joey with Frank Sinatra was on over the weekend. Great stuff.

  • Cloverfield

    The trailer everyone is talking about (filmed on a phone in a movie theatre). Everytime it’s uploaded to Youtube, Paramount order a takedown. Yes that’s the head of the Statue of Liberty at the end. Poor quality I know, but these videos are hard to find. Dailymotion still have it: ClovrField TTUploaded by anil31

  • Das Leben der Anderen

    I went to see it last night. One word. Stunning.

  • Matt Damon as Captain Kirk?

    So the rumours say. I just can’t imagine someone else acting the role of Captain Kirk other than William Shatner. At least we have another Star Trek film to look forward to though.

  • Loach on Newsnight tonight

    There should be an interesting discussion on Newsnight tonight when their culture correspondent Stephen Smith interviews Ken Loach, the Palm D’Or winner for the Wind that Shakes the Barley. He hits back at the “headbangers” who’ve accused him of hating his country and tells Newsnight he is proud to be British.

  • The devil is in the detail

    The Omen IMDB Year: 2006 Director: John Moore Length: 2hours Category: Drama Media: Film Rating: 0 out of 5 So I went to see the remake of the 1976 classic, The Omen. I have always liked the original, and have seen it a number of times. The remake is an almost verbatim remake, with little…

  • United 93

    I went to see it today. An emotional rollercoaster, and well worth seeing. But I found Flight 93 to be a better film overall. There are two chief differences between the two films. First, Flight 93 shows the people at the other end of the phone. We get to see a wife’s or mother’s reaction…

  • X-Men 3

    Cian didn’t like it, but given the comments, it seems he didn’t stay until the end of the credits to see the last scene. I have to say I did rather like it as special-effects extravaganzas go, especially since almost none of the filming was done in San Francisco, and yet almost the whole film…

  • United 93

    I meant to blog this earlier, but has anyone else seen United 93? I haven’t seen much discussion of it in the Irish blogosphere. I actually didn’t realise it was released straight to DVD last week until I spotted it in Xtra-vision, whereupon I instantly rented it. And I have to concurr with the reviews…

  • C for Cookie

    Sorry for yet another video, but this is just too funny to pass up. Click here. via Boing