United 93

I meant to blog this earlier, but has anyone else seen United 93? I haven’t seen much discussion of it in the Irish blogosphere.

I actually didn’t realise it was released straight to DVD last week until I spotted it in Xtra-vision, whereupon I instantly rented it.

And I have to concurr with the reviews I have read from bloggers in the States. It is a film done with taste and and with a rather unnatural sense of familiarity. At many points you do feel like one of the passengers, and there appeared to be various devices used by the director to hook the viewer into associating with the film. Anyone who has travelled on planes will find themselves questioning themselves, and what they would do in that position.

In some ways it is like the discussion of the Falling Man picture earlier. It is compelling to watch.

At times it is difficult to watch the phone calls between passengers and their families, but I recommend United 93 nonetheless.

Update: Thanks Simon, got mixed up between the website URL and the film title. But it is the one that was just released in the US.

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  1. How confusing… :s I think I’ll stick to my exams and let someone else figure it out! 🙂

  2. With the cost of going to the cinema soaring, it is becoming not that unusual to have movie releases coincide with DVD releases.

    All of the ‘Flight 93’ movies thus far have been executed with phenominal taste. A&E ran ‘Heros of Flight 93’ a few months back, a docu drama which included interviews with family members. If you have the ‘on demand’ feature on your cable, you can rerun it. It will be worth the watch.

  3. We’re putting United 93 onto the first year multimedia degree course in Tipperary Institute because of its faithlful execution of the transcript from the event.

  4. Okay, to clear this up:

    The film just released in the US, directed by Paul Greengrass, is called United 93. That’s not available in Xtravision.

    The film you can get in Xtravision, which is directed by someone called Peter Markle, is called Flight 93, and is different. As simon said, it’s a TV movie which is probably being released to coincide with the bigger one.

  5. Yeah brilliant. Another flick glorifying death by muslim.
    Yes it gives a big helping of HERO to those who tried to stop what was happening (i.e. save their lives) what it does not address is the fact that we in the so called civilised world will not be free of fear until the radical fundamentalists within islam are either brought to book or eliminated. Yes it is an historic fact. Yes a lot of innocent people died. Yes america was and is pissed off. Yes I am pissed off…….I am white european, non religious and left wing but I am a bit scared, in fact I am very scared for me and my Children. I know that these mindless bastards will hit my city again. I just hope that my Family is not caught up in it next time. Surely it’s time to examine ALL religion, for this is the cause of the vast majority of all our problems.

  6. Rick, many share your sentiments having been witness to several horrific acts in our lifetime which are permanently etched into our minds.

    However, I [personally] do not believe such films glorify the acts of a few radical Muslims. Perhaps they glorify the victims and the uncanny courage they demonstrated under unfathomable conditions … no one will ever know how many thousands of our fellow humans were saved due to their actions. And, I do believe their actions went beyond trying to save their own lives.

    Religion had nothing to do with the events of 911. Perhaps a rather abstract interpretation of what under normal circumstances is a very peaceful religion played apart … but that is not the fault of that religion, or the vast majority of those who practice it.

  7. Hurrah! After many attempts to leave a comment (confound you, pesky Firefox ad), I hope this works. I saw the Greengrass version last week and it’s pretty terrifying. I felt a bit queasy for a good while afterwards.

    Is the TV version any good?

  8. That some Flight 93 passengers “fought like warrior poets” is encouraging for our future. For surely “we the people” are able (but are we willing?) to recapture the bridge of the ship of state, and seize the helm from postmodernist hijackers. See: http://www.tell-usa.org/flight93

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