Irish Cinema Set to Go Digital First

This is interesting news. Not only that but it got Slashdotted. I have read about the advent of digital cinema for some time, what amazes me is the sheer scale of the files.

Cinemas using the technology will be able to download the latest releases to a computer server via satellite at a lower cost.

That would have to be one quick connection, I think these films are really really big files.

I will be glad to see the back of flickers and scratches on the reels. Now if only someone would invent something for getting people not to talk during a film.

The Life Aquatic

I forgot to give some kind of review of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. There’s little I can add to the reviews around the net, besides that I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was full of dark humour, quirky events, and some quite memorable scenes – I think some of the reviews don’t do it justice. Bill Murray was flawless in the role of Steve Zissou, and his dry wit had me laughing out loud at times. Definately worth a look, as long as you remember it is a certain type of humour, similar to its predecessor, the Royal Tenenbaums.

Besieged Movie Industry Suffers Record Takings

A rather bitter but funny contributor to Slashdot notes that:

“The BBC is reporting that the movie industry, in yet another illustration of just how much damage the Internet is doing to the long-suffering members of the MPAA, has just endured a record breaking $1Billion dollar takings for the single month of June. Clearly there is a desperate need to tighten up copyright laws in the face of this huge mountain of cash that is literally being metaphorically syphoned into the studios’ pockets. How will they survive? “

Hehe. How indeed.

Matthew on Moore et al

Matthew Yglesias also has some new takes on Moore, and comparisons with Bush, strangely enough. Of course I have read Chrisopther Hitchens’ now famous criticism of Moore. So too, I have read “Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11“, by Dave Kopel.

But I like Yglesias’s take:

The funny thing, though, is that if I wrote “The 56 Deceits of George W. Bush” (as, indeed, many people have done) then some very intelligent Volokh Conspirator (as, indeed, many of the conspirators are) would doubtless have written a post in response (as, indeed, I’ve read at the Conspiracy) arguing that most of the alleged “lies” weren’t lies per se (and, indeed, they’re mostly misleading juxtapositions of technically true information) and that these sorts of ad hominem attacks don’t really prove that the presidents’ policies are actually wrong.

The really funny thing, though, is that while George W. Bush is president of the United States and wrecking (a) the country’s foreign policy and (b) the country’s fiscal policy, Michael Moore is a somewhat famous guy who makes movies. Get it?