4 thoughts on “Tom Cruise doesn't have a hissy fit”

  1. I thought Cruise handled the sit very well. It was actually assault and those people should be prosecuted. just because you are famous does not mean you can be used by some tv station as fodder for their off the wall idea of what constitutes humour

  2. Well, he does not have a hissy fit, and I guess he is kind of nice about it…But the recent news of him dating a girl young enough to be his daughter, and his beleif in scientology, make his getting squirted in the face with water much more funny


  3. I think it was Cruise who commited assault. Matt Lauer never called Cruise on the insults and whacky comments. Lauer should have. I’m sure though, Lauer thought the spectacle was something he didn’t have to say anything about, but that viewers could judge it for themselves. They did, and Cruise came off as a rude and arrogant know-it-all. It would have been fascinating to hear Cruise respond to Lauer questioning Cruise about what alternatives to drugs there are for depression etc. Cruise did a lot of talking about how bad medicine was but never included information as to these alternatives. (Maybe joining the Church of Scientology is the cure-all.) If you’re going to slam medicine that has saved lives, make sure you’re ready to prove what you say. Instead, Cruise just raved and complained and got nasty with Lauer. Cruise knows everything. Lauer and by implication, no one else does. Never insult the host. As a guest on that show, Cruise was really a guest in every viewer’s home. You really had to laugh or feel sorry for him though. I think most people felt embarrased too. I did. Cruise sounded like a paranoid Michael Jackson who thinks he’s the only good apple on the tree and everyone else is a screwball out to get him. If Cruise is the brunt of jokes on late-night TV, he has no one to blame but himself. Being a major movie star doesn’t make him immune from criticism or for that matter, acting like a jerk. I’ve never seen an actor criticise another living actor on television in such a mean-spirited way. Cruise knew what he was doing though; he criticised Shields publicly before. Now he’s done it again. I don’t know why he keeps lashing out at her. Maybe he doesn’t like women. (There has been talk :)) Spielberg condemned all the comments about Cruise too after the Opra show saying that the press made a big deal out of it, but it wasn’t the press who acted like a clown and it’s not the press who put those words into Cruise’s mouth on the Today show. Who knows? Maybe Cruise is having a personal crisis. He certainly looks like he does; he looked tired and anorexic. Most major stars grow old well (even if they get a little help from a plastic surgeon). Cruise is growing old badly.

  4. i think it was assault towards tom cruise and thought tom cruise was perfectly right to react the way he did.just coz he is a very good lookin actor who everyone loves does not give people -no matter what they work as- the right to play stupid pranks on tom no matter how pathetic there lives are!!!

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