Newsnight joke

I went to my bank yesterday to check my balance. The cashier came up to me and pushed me over…






6 responses to “Newsnight joke”

  1. John Kushiner avatar

    You REALLY need to have a “Bad Jokes” category, Gavin. See, that way, I’ll be able to filter them out!


  2. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    Done and done lol

  3. niall avatar

    How does it change many dyslexics to take a light bulb?

  4. A Family Member avatar
    A Family Member

    Would you kindly remove this comment/obituary about my recently deceased family member from your blog? This woman fought too hard to stay alive to be memorialized in a blog entry about bad jokes.

    Thank You.

  5. Mike G. avatar
    Mike G.

    Bad Taste people!

  6. Brock avatar

    Sweet…I have some Irish ancestors!