Man shot in London

This has been the big story of the day. According to my own sources he was wearing a bomb belt, and according to one witness he was:

Another passenger on the train, Anthony Larkin, told BBC News the man appeared to be wearing a “bomb belt with wires coming out”.

We shall have to wait for confirmation.

4 thoughts on “Man shot in London”

  1. I’ll put this on the right post this time.

    Nice one Gavin. Are you sharing sources with Slugger, who told us that the first set of bombers were Algerian? Exactly who are you’re sources – the word alone could mean anything from Pop Bitch to the Prime Minister – which one did you use? Now that the police have out and said that this incident was one monumental cock-up, will you be cutting off connection with your sources? Or will you continue to peddle gossipe and rumour and try to dress it up as informed fact?

  2. What’s going to happen in the winter? Is everyone with dark skin going to be scared shitless to wear a coat or listen to iPods. I feel sorry for the police, but this is a monumental cock-up.

  3. I wouldnt be quite so harsh as fmk.

    It was a balls up, but I dont see why anyone should hurl abuse at a blogger who only wants to be sure the terrorists are being stopped.

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