New York releases 9/11 documents

New York has finally released the documents sought by the New York Times:

The documents released on Friday include about 15 hours of radio communications between dispatchers and firefighters at the World Trade Center.

They also include more than 12,000 pages of individual oral histories compiled by the department in October 2001.

The New York Times sought the records in 2002 under the Freedom of Information Act, and later sued the city when it refused to release them.

Earlier this year New York’s highest court ordered that most – but not all – the documents should be made public.

The city has given several reasons for resisting the move – including concerns over interfering with the prosecution of 9/11 suspect Zacarias Moussaoui, and a confidentiality agreement with firefighters.






2 responses to “New York releases 9/11 documents”

  1. jamal avatar

    The fear that something may come to light which refutes the goverenments arguements has been so underlyingly prevelent in getting these documents released. 4 years on and still the cover-up continues!

    Opinionated Voice

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