C.I.A. Asks Criminal Inquiry Over Secret-Prison Article

As John speculated in a comment on here last week, the CIA are seeking information about the leak.

Notes the NY Times:

The Central Intelligence Agency has asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation to determine the source of a Washington Post article that said the agency had set up a covert prison network in Eastern Europe and other countries to hold important terrorism suspects, government officials said on Tuesday.

The C.I.A.’s request, known as a crimes report or criminal referral, means that the Justice Department will undertake a preliminary review to determine if circumstances justify a criminal inquiry into whether any government official unlawfully provided information to the newspaper. The possibility of this new investigation follows by less than two weeks the perjury and obstruction indictment of I. Lewis Libby Jr., then Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, in a leak case involving other news reporting about a national security issue.

2 thoughts on “C.I.A. Asks Criminal Inquiry Over Secret-Prison Article”

  1. And now it’s turned out that the source was Cheney, who told the GOP Senators, and then one of them spilled the beans.

    Wingnuts – the comedic gift that just keeps on giving.

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