Orange revolution in Azerbaijan?

Rather large protests indeed, but not as many as the opposition expected – they say thanks to police intimidation.

The government of President Ilham Aliyev allowed the opposition to stage a three-hour rally in the outskirts of the capital, Baku. Election officials have ordered re-runs in two districts and one recount.

About 15,000 protesters attended the march and rally, many wearing or waving orange flags in a reference to the success of the “orange revolution” that brought President Victor Yushchenko to power in Ukraine after disputed elections.

The numbers fell far short of the 30,000 to 50,000 the opposition had hoped for.

This could fester.

2 thoughts on “Orange revolution in Azerbaijan?”

  1. indeed heard about this one before. Seemingly there is a fear that it will turn into a family run bussiness. Alot of family officals are in power also the prime ministers wife is going for election i believe. SHe is supposed to be quiet glamourous which the country side don’t like.

  2. Azerbaijan’s quite a case in all regards. it’s a strange mix, where a sort of a ‘royal family’ is leading the westernization, but at the same time keeping everything within its control. On the serfice trying to democratize, but preserving the patriarchal nature of the state and the society, islamic values, and above all the interests of the Aliev clan. And now with the truly beautiful and smart first lady- the president’s wife, much rumored to be a realistic candidate for the post of the speaker of Parliament,no branch would be left without the direct grasp of the ruling family. But the oil and thus the associated need for the stability smooths these bumps for the west. The same is true for its neighbors as well, including Georgia, which is always stepping forward when it comes to democratization and support for the popular revolutions.

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