Passenger shot on Florida plane

London shooting take two?

A passenger claiming to have a bomb on board an American Airlines plane in Miami has been shot and wounded by a US federal officer, officials have said.

The passenger, who has been arrested, was challenged by the air marshal after he seemed to reach into a bag. He tried to flee and was shot.

The incident is said to have occurred on the jetway between the plane and the airport terminal.

The plane had just arrived from Colombia, and was headed to Orlando.






2 responses to “Passenger shot on Florida plane”

  1. ryan avatar

    Unless I’m massively mistaken, the victim of the London shooting didn’t claim to have a bomb.

    In fairness, if you’re on an airplane nowadays, the one thing you don’t want to say is that you’ve got a bomb… Unless you really do have one of course. Something perhaps to keep in mind even if you’re not bi-polar?

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