Madinat, Burj, Emirates Towers

All of these were taken on Christmas Eve, except the Emirates Towers ones.

Sheikh Zayed Road from the Skyview Bar in the Burj.

Palm Island from the Skyview Bar.
Palm Island at sunset.
A lamborghini outside the Burj, don’t like the colour though.
Burj and the sky.
Helipad and sky.
A Rolls.
The Burj from the Madinat Jumeirah.
The Burj at night from the Madinat.
At night again, different aspect.
Different colour Burj.
The Amphitheater in the Madinat, Burj as backdrop.

Emirates Towers, Christmas morning.
Emirates Tower, edge-on, Christmas morning.







2 responses to “Madinat, Burj, Emirates Towers”

  1. Anthony Sheridan avatar
    Anthony Sheridan

    The whole sense that comes across from Dubai is wealth and the good life – ye lucky feckers. ps. I see that Rolls is Cork registered!!!

  2. niall avatar

    Nice pics. Hope you return home recharged and refreshed. I’m off tomorrow to enjoy my first ever hogmanay in Ireland… I’ll let you know if your countrymen can hack the pace!

    All the best for 2006.