Dodgy quiz

SO pissed off was I today with the Gerry Ryan show that I emailed them to complain. The subject of my anger was a very ill-thought out quiz, where Aer Lingus are promoting their new route to Dubai. Now as readers know I have been there quite a few times, so I would have known alot of the answers anyway.

Maybe I have a little too much time on my hands these days, but I thought some of the questions to be entirely unfair, and appear to be as a result of very poor research. If you are going to do a quiz for a prize, then at least ask the people fair questions. And no, I wasn’t trying to get the prize myself ๐Ÿ™‚

Here were the questions:

1. How many Emirates make up the UAE?
2. Name the smallest Emirate.
3. When was Aer Lingus first registered as an airline?
4. When is Aer Lingus’s inaugural flight to Dubai?
5. What is the official language of Dubai? (Would have accepted Arabic, English, Urdu…and more)
6. Who is the current ruler of Dubai? (Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rasheed al Maktoum)
7. What hotel is the most luxurious hotel in Dubai?
8. What is Aer Lingus an anglicisation of? (Confused a number of callers, answer was Aer Lungus)
9. What is the largest Emirate? (Abu Dhabi)
10. When was Dublin airport completed? (1936 given, 1950 given, 1952 given, caller questioned the question, Gerry then scrapped the question)
11. Dubai has a land reclamation project currently going, what is that project called? (Palm Island Jumeirah given, accepted, but correct answer is given as the ‘3 palm island project’
12. Name the annual horse racing event in Dubai (World Cup)
13. Name the main beach in Dubai (Jumeirah)
14. When was oil discovered in Dubai? (1966)
15. What mountain range are the Hatta rock pools located on? (al Hajar)
16. What is the time difference between Ireland and Dubai? (3 hours given, told she was wrong, and therefore lost the chance to win)

The last question was especially ridiculous. The time difference varies since there are no Daylight Savings. For half the year it’s 3 hours, for the other half it’s 4 hours. Technically both callers were both right and wrong. Question 11 could have been several answers also, including the World, which Gerry didn’t mention.

I thought it was all quite unfair to the callers, IMHO.

Rant complete.







3 responses to “Dodgy quiz”

  1. James avatar

    A quality rant, well done. I don’t know why, but like yourself I get very annoyed by bad quiz questions ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Dave avatar

    Unfortunately bad questions are nearly the exception rather than the rule.

  3. mesothelioma_lawyer_ohio avatar

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