Bertie Ahern announcement

If he says it’s all over now, fine. If he says it’s all over after the speech to Congress, fine.

If he puts a date on his departure within the next six months. Not good enough.

Upate: May 6, he’s a gonner. Saying that this had nothing to do with Grainne Carruth’s evidence is bullshit. He still has a lot of explaining to do. And I wait to hear where the sterling came from.

The Facebook group is delighted (which peaked at 2,634 members), an outpouring of wall posts.

From my own point of view, I have no sympathy whatever for Mr Ahern. For 20 months we have been dragged through this nonsense. If this country was truly functioning, he would have resigned a very long time ago indeed.

And it all was of his own making.

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