The media reaction and more questions

Now we have to see how the media reacts to the news. So far RTE television have been bringing on a stream of FF deputies. And each of them runs the usual ‘trial by media’ line.

This is clearly nonsense. The media in fact did not go out of its way to criticise Ahern, all it did was seek answers about his tribunal evidence. And even after Carruth’s evidence broke two weeks ago, the media remained quiet for a very long time.

Ahern’s silence since Carruth’s evidence is perhaps a sign of how bad things are. We still await explanations of sterling lodgments, and indeed more lodgments. Questions remain over potential allegations of money laundering and the vast sums of money going through Ahern’s accouns and other accounts to which he is linked.

Ahern is not off the hook. I look forward to his next day in the tribunal.






2 responses to “The media reaction and more questions”

  1. Anthony avatar

    Just wanted to say congratulations Gavin. I can’t help but feel you played some part in his resignation by not letting the internets or the media just forget about all the sticky issues. Keep the boot on, I reckon he should be serving jail time.

  2. Maggie avatar

    You’ve done amazing analytical work Gavin. Its not over yet.
    Tonight theres one senator in mourning – bereaved.
    Its difficult not to think that today’s resignation (long overdue) is just another tactic.
    At this point Its difficult to figure out what and when.