Gayle Killelea on journos

In an article about Irish print journalists not applauding Ahern’s speech to Congress, Gayle Killilea noted the following:

“Even worse, there is a growing tendency not to bother contacting the subject of the story at all, which goes against basic, rudimentary, journalistic ethics.”

Unfortunately, before writing her diatribe, it seems she did not bother to contact the journalists in question and ask them why they had not applauded.

She might have ended up with a more considered viewpoint had she done so.

3 thoughts on “Gayle Killelea on journos”

  1. Isn’t there some journalistic thing about declaring your interests in case they might give rise to a conflict of interest? On this occasion Ms. Killilea was in attendance with her partner the developer Sean Dunne as a guest of the Taoiseach! She’s right about the lack of impartiality but she might think about starting her clearing of the temple on Abbey st.

  2. You’ve got to wonder if the woman is well in the head at all. That piece would have made the Pyongyang Times blush.

    Still, elsewhere in the Sindo, you’ve got to admire Harris’s touch-typing skills – anyone who can churn out that much verbiage with his head so far up Bertie’s rectum . . .

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