Rush Limbaugh's new contract

How bad, as we say in Cork. Rush Limbaugh just agreed to an eight-year, $400-million-plus extension with Clear Channel to stay on the air. Limbaugh’s deal includes an upfront $100-million signing bonus, which means the annualized average salary will be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $37 million through to 2016.

Shame he’s such an idiot.

13 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh's new contract”

  1. It is most relevant, if he was not so “right on” they could not sell advertising and pay him such a salary. How much do you earn on your blog? Enough to get off welfare?

  2. “Right on”? Do you mean if he was not correct in his opinions? Or if he was not so ignorant in his assumptions? Is he paid to be an idiot to bring in the ratings?

    Again, this blog earns next to nothing. And how much I earn does not relate to how much Mr Limbaugh earns.

    Please demonstrate how you believe it does.

  3. He doesn’t make the cash because he is good or intelligent or people listen to him. Clear Channel is owned by Bush friend Lowry Mayes so it is just one right winger giving cash to another. They have profited from Bush’s (and Clinton’s) deregulation of the media in the US and are just sharing the love with each other and supporting the party that supported them the most. He is a form of propaganda.

  4. Gosh another conspiracy theory from the same people who think 9/11 was an inside job. Rush makes a lot of money just like everyone else in show business or TV makes money. He has a huge audience and therefore ticket sales or ad dollars follow. People in business don’t make decisions on ideaology, they do it based on the profit potential. Rush is worth every penny.

  5. Rush is successful not because of his IQ(estimated at 74) but due to his audiences lack there of.

  6. Rush has statements like, “tallent on loan from God” and “with half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair”. There is an old saying, “an empty barrow makes allot of noise”. For what it is worth, my IQ has consistantly averaged about 80 over the years, give or take a few points.

  7. I can tell you this. I am a member of the International High IQ Society and so is Rush. The only way to be a member is to take and test and score over 126. So his IQ is at least 126……..which is PHD levels.

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