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Big thanks to Niall Paterson in Sky News for the link, praise indeed from a much appreciated longtime reader.

Eamonn has also been kind enough to offer advice and link up. I have also been in touch with Michael Totten, who I have exchanged emails and tips with, but unfortunately we won’t be in Georgia around the same time. I have left a comment with Doug Merrill, hopefully we can meet up in Tbilisi for a chat. I’ve been linked to by afoe in the past, and hopefully again in the future.

2 thoughts on “Bloggin and links”

  1. Hi Gavin, you can mail me at doug dot merrill at fistfulofeuros dot net. I’d be happy to have a chat in Tbilisi, though as you can imagine things are a little hectic. As for things to bring, I would include batteries, lots of batteries, for your gear. If you’re going anywhere close to the conflict, make peace with the chance that you will lose everything you take, including all the data therein. There’s basic banditry going on, and Irish neutrality won’t impress such folks much. Do you speak any locally understood language? (Haven’t read enough of your blog to know.) Russian is still the most widely used lingua franca. Also, if you’re planning on filing things, you’ll need some sort of connectivity. Haven’t the faintest idea of how to do this from the field; our wireless doesn’t go beyond our house, which is just fine. Maybe dialup to your provider via mobile? Don’t yet know of any wifi cafes downtown (though I was only here for two weeks before decamping to Yerevan for seven days), and almost certainly there will be none outside of Tbilisi.

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