New addition

Meet Bella:


Bella’s owner is taking a year out to travel the world, so she will be staying with us. And Puds.

Suffice to say, Puds has been sceptical of the arrangement thus far. While Bella looks at Puds obliviously, Puds sneaks around the maruading dog like she is the devil himself. So far though, they have been getting on ok, except for stealing each other’s food now and then.

Puds has also made himself alot less vocal when looking for food, lest the dog figure out his location, or take an interest in what Puds is looking for.

Bella is very well trained, and despite not being her owner, she will follow commands from me like asking her to go to bed. She also tends to get excited when you say the word “walk”, so it is rather W-A-L-K.


6 thoughts on “New addition”

  1. Awwww!

    Makes me miss my parents’ golden retriever, Conor. I was home for christmas and had forgotten just how nice it is to have a big daft lump of a dog around.

  2. How cute! Is she a Wheaten without a cropped tail? I had a Wheaten that did not get along with cats at all – unless you consider chewing on them getting along.

  3. Thanks Gavin – I know she is in safe hands and I’m delighted that she and Puds are getting along so well. She is actually a cross between a Springer Spaniel (I got her from a lady in Fountainstown who bred Springer Spaniels) and her next door neighbour’s dog – a Golden Retriever – hence a beautiful litter of “golden spaniels”!!!! Give her my regards!

  4. Ha what a cutie. My own dog now knows how to spell, because when we spell w.a.l.k. or l.e.a.d, her head pricks up and she gets excited.

    She actually has quite a vast vocabulary, chicken, out, shops, something nice, do you want, bath, cat, most of these words get some kind of excited response from her.

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