Mexican cat-off

Mr Puds has some new friends/enemies. This evening a standoff took place between two neighbouring cats and Puds. Puds stood on our shed, while two as yet unnamed cats stood on the neighbour’s shed. They traded dirty looks with Puds and, even me. For now I think I will call these new cats Ginger and Brownie.

Here is Puds standing for his territory:


Ginger and Brownie look non-plussed. Strength in numbers I guess.


Then Brownie decided to take the lead in the cat-off:


And Puds gave up, jumped down and lay on the ground. Sigh. Scaredy cat.


And of course it’s not the first time I’ve caught Puds being afraid of other cats.

New addition

Meet Bella:


Bella’s owner is taking a year out to travel the world, so she will be staying with us. And Puds.

Suffice to say, Puds has been sceptical of the arrangement thus far. While Bella looks at Puds obliviously, Puds sneaks around the maruading dog like she is the devil himself. So far though, they have been getting on ok, except for stealing each other’s food now and then.

Puds has also made himself alot less vocal when looking for food, lest the dog figure out his location, or take an interest in what Puds is looking for.

Bella is very well trained, and despite not being her owner, she will follow commands from me like asking her to go to bed. She also tends to get excited when you say the word “walk”, so it is rather W-A-L-K.


Puds update

Mr Puds has been enjoying the recent poor weather by lazing around the house doing not very much (a bit like me). This is one of his favoured sleeping positions. It actually looks like he’s trying to avoid the flash (celebrity blog cat that he is) but he tends to cover his eyes just to get that extra comfort factor:



Having disturbed his sleep, he looked not too happy (food stains on his nose included)

This is another preferred pose, paws to the fore:


And here is the cat himself, looking wistfully into the distance:


Cat update

I don’t know what our Polish neighbours call their cat, so he is just referred to as the Polish cat. He is, shall we say, not ‘friends’ with my own cat, Mr Puds. I have never seen them fight, but I have heard them. And Puds has limped home a few times.

So I wondered what Polish cat was looking at outside my window today:


Hmm. I walked out to take a closer look with a camera, fearing the worst. What could that black blob be?


Sure enough, Mr Puds was up in the tree. ‘Scaredy cat’ doesn’t quite cover it. What’s strange is that Polish cat is perfectly friendly, and plays with the neighbours’ kids while my own cat simply runs away. What is Puds afraid of?


He jumped from the tree just after I took the photo:


Here is Polish cat’s response to Puds running away:


Puds then ran back inside, to take up position on the couch and look out the window:


Polish cat seems to just want to be friends. Mr Puds is having none of it.

Cat update

Mr Puds has been up to his usual tricks. Here I caught him just prior to him sleeping for the night.


Mr Puds was taught from a very early age that he was never allowed on the worktops, even when no one was home. He has stuck rigidly to that rule, as evidenced by a lack of paw prints even after he has been home alone. Here I tempt him with some ham:


Knowing that he can’t leap onto the worktop he instead tries to stretch up to swipe the ham with his paw… he just misses. But I gave him the ham as reward for not jumping up 🙂