Mexican cat-off

Mr Puds has some new friends/enemies. This evening a standoff took place between two neighbouring cats and Puds. Puds stood on our shed, while two as yet unnamed cats stood on the neighbour’s shed. They traded dirty looks with Puds and, even me. For now I think I will call these new cats Ginger and Brownie.

Here is Puds standing for his territory:


Ginger and Brownie look non-plussed. Strength in numbers I guess.


Then Brownie decided to take the lead in the cat-off:


And Puds gave up, jumped down and lay on the ground. Sigh. Scaredy cat.


And of course it’s not the first time I’ve caught Puds being afraid of other cats.

3 thoughts on “Mexican cat-off”

  1. Chuckle… I can’t believe you didn’t climb up on the roof of the shed to give moral support to poor sweet-mannered Puds. He looks so adorable. 🙂

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