The National editorial salaries

Someone is in big trouble. The pay of 250 staff at the recently launched “The National” newspaper in Abu Dhabi have been leaked online via Wikileaks.

You can have a read of the list here. Or here (Right click on the link to save to your desktop)

As a guide, divide the sums by five for a rough euro conversion. The sums are monthly net pay (no income tax). Rent must be paid out of salary, so the figures might not be as good as they first appear.

The Guardian reports it here.

Mr Newland, the editor, is on 132,834 dirhams a month. At today’s exchange rate that’s €28,000 a month, tax free. Nice if you can get it. R

4 thoughts on “The National editorial salaries”

  1. Isn’t the likes of Abu Dhabi and Dubai in a booming economy?

    €28,000 a week, I’d be lucky to make that in five! 😉

    “Recently launched” newspaper?

  2. Launched at the end of 2007. Dubai is going down the toilet and was recently bailed out by Abu Dhabi.

  3. Recently, Paul Oberjerke's been talking about his exploits working for The National on his blog Just wondering what you thought of his comments. He was a sports reporter at a small paper in Southern California, got laid off about a year ago, and has been living with his wife's parents.

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