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  1. Mr Daniel Hannan is certainly a champion and a voice for reasonable people in his country. No one with any integrity, honesty and decency can dispute his common sense logic. It is mind-numbing to see how some politicians want to over tax and destroy a country and their people. Any country. I am certainly a fan and supporter of Mr. Hannan, from the USA here. In June 09 I was fortunate to receive a hand written note from Mr. Hannan after emailing his office. I certainly appreciated his kind gesture. It was a real treat to receive this. All the best everyone.

  2. “Mr Daniel Hannan is certainly a champion and a voice for reasonable people in his country.”

    Then I guess his party leader — David Cameron — must be some kind of extremist. Today he described Mr. Hannan as an “eccentric.” Thinking in terms of British understatement, what Mr. Cameron meant is that Hannan is an embarrassment and a liability.

    BTW, I wonder what kind of health plan Hannan enjoys as an MEP that makes him not want to wish the NHS on his own constituents?

  3. Charles, Daniel Hannan cannot comment on the NHS, as I suspect he has never used it. He has private health care and no money worries. All he wants is to pay less tax and couldn’t give two hoots about those who could not afford health care if the NHS did not exist. The people who know how good the NHS is, are the VAST majority of UK citizens who are treated the same by the NHS regardless of and ability to pay. It is this point that get up the noses of these ‘I’m alright jack’ people like Hannan. He obviously believes he should have better treatment than others because he has more money. That is the beauty of the NHS, it is need based. I have private health care through my work, and I have no problem at all contributing through my taxes for the NHS. I have had 2 experience of the US system, the first was a man who cut off 2 of his fingers with a buzz saw and had to choose which one to put back on, as he could only afford one (no insurance), the other was a man of nearly 60 who had multiple heart surgery, but could not retire because he needed the health insurance provided through work to pay for his meds, ‘if I don’t work, I die’ HIS words not mine. Both these situations would not happen in the UK. Any meds required cost a maximun of $150 per year, or FREE if you are out of work, a child, disabled (after heart surgery)or a retired. Keep your selfish system, we look after our citizens. I saw a banner on a FOX report stating, ‘Health care is not a right’ , how sad to brag about that, in our country it is a right.

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