Blair's daughter Kathryn

I have received some indications from London lately about the daughter of the UK premier. I checked it out, and came across this Indymedia (I know) article.

Suffice to say I will not discuss it in any real way – but I think Indymedia’s line on it is a bit weird.

7 thoughts on “Blair's daughter Kathryn”

  1. Yeah, looks like Tim Allen isn’t the only one of in the media.

    That being said, immediately on reading it, I thought of something incredibly offensive to add to it…

  2. Gavin

    What kind of [edited] are you to post that link? Why don;t you [edited] and try to [edited] and then ring the media and have the whole world talk about.


  3. Interesting article Bob. As For the anonymous comment, coming from an Irish government VPN IP address, civil servant no doubt, the information is now long in the public domain. You should have looked at the dates.

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