Arrived in Dubai

Well I made it to Dubai last night, here is a rather bad night picture of Sheikh Zayed Road. Yes I did have a few pints on me at the time. And bleedin hell its hot. I got a taxi last night with some Syrian guy, we drove past the American Hospital, and I half jokingly said that Osama Bin Laden had stayed there at some point before September 11. (Conspiracy theory alert). The friendly Syrian taxi driver was not sure whether to believe me, but then I said he had definately stayed there. And the Syrians reply? ”Allah akhbar, allah akhbar Osama bin Laden good man.”

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2 thoughts on “Arrived in Dubai”

  1. In a middle-eastern country a few years before OBL, we got ‘Where are you from?’ and my German companions answered first. “Aha! Adolph Hitler!!! Very good man…drr drr drr’ while doing machine gun movements. I decided not to tell them I was Jewish.

  2. It is hot here in Dubai, I wish you asked the cab driver about Rambo…I’m usre he would have told he is a tough guy..then make doddodododod sound of the M60

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