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The launching of Shade 45 at the Shady National Convention: an official step in favor of freedom of speech

He’s been protested against for his wicked lyrics, the government has constantly tried to censor his music and videos…some people still want to shut him down.

Bad news for his opponents: Eminem has the power to voice his political opinion publicly.
Some people reproach him to raise his voice because he is rich. Nonsense! If Marshall Mathers was poor, none of you would take his political opinion into account. No, Eminem is not some rich idiot whose statements are pointless just because he comes from a dysfunctional family, although some readers from Gavinsblog seem to believe it:

« Who cares what Eminem thinks! He’s got a nerve bashing Bush or anyone for that matter. This from a chump who can’t save his marriage, hates and sues his mother and can’t get his own psychological mind in order…and HE wants to save America? Give me a break! Who cares he makes millions…he’s just a chump with a lot of money »

Wrong! A lot of people care about Eminem’s opinion…
-Marshall Mathers represents a political power in America. His voice is heard on the media.
– Unlike many celebrities who express about politics and trying to get engaged in an electoral campaign, Eminem doesn’t belong to the glamorous Hollywood celebrity world. Marshall Mathers is a self made man who has worked hard to become the powerful man he is now. He remains close to underground and white trash people and perfectly knows about the problems the underprivileged in America experience in their every day life.

The opening of the Shady National Convention is an official step for more freedom of speech in America and a new stab at conservative America.
You will barely see Slim Shady dressed in a suit and wearing a tie. But on Thursday October the 28th, Eminem had some more conventional clothes, probably to mark the beginning of something official.

On the D12 World message board, somebody who had the great chance to attend to the Shady National Convention recalls the event:

” I just got back from the convention, I got my tickets from Jason. It was a hot show. Here are the details I remember:

1)Eminem opened with Mosh, then did Business, White America, Kill you and some others. He also did the shade 45 freestyle.
2) D12 came out and did How Come, U R the one, My band, When the music stops, and then American Psycho with a special appearence by B-Real.
4) Stat Quo came out and performed a song.
3) Obie came out and did his thing with The Setup, then he did ‘Oh’ and none other than Busta Rhymes came out and did it with him. Busta stayed on stage for a little bit and tore the roof off the place.
4) Obie then came back and did his verse of Love Me, then Em came out and did his part, then 50 Cent came out and finsihed the song off. 50 then stayed and did Patiently Waiting with Em and In Da Club with Yayo. Duting In da club, 50 threw his leather jacket into the crowd and almost started a fight when like 6 people were fighting over it. Gotta give 50 credit, he really brought it tonight.
5) Em came back out and closed out with Just Lose It. Before the song, he told Michael Jackson to beat it and “fuck him if he cant take a joke”

I should also add that Donald Trump and Method Man were there, along with Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and even Bono from U2. Overall great show, I know Im forgetting some things, but this is all i can think of right now.”

The New York Post has offered some negative criticism against Eminem’s Shady National Convention:

If Dan Aquilante really thinks that Eminem’s eminence is diminished, he is really wrong. He’s stronger now more than ever, as he powerfully states it in « Mosh ».

Eminem is indeed a political force and he manages to rally a lot of people is his courageous engagement against Bush. I didn’t have the chance to be a participant to the Shady National Convention, but what I heard from it reveals an amazing ceremony that must have been really great.

Judge by yourself:

The Shady National Convention is the symbol of a new generation that will stand up and fight for its rights.
If Bush loses the elections next Tuesday (November the 2nd 2002) , remember that you will also owe it to Eminem’s strong political engagement against dictatorial power. Let’s build a better and peaceful world- without Bush.

If you’re interested in downloading the Mosh video, click here:

153 thoughts on “The launching of Shade 45 at the Shady National Convention: an official step in favor of freedom of speech”

  1. It is Alaina. Alaina is Kim’s twin sister’s daughter. She has been adopted by Marshall and goes by the name Alaina Mathers. She lives with Hailie and goes to the same school as her.

  2. You know, Eminem is the only person that speaks the truth…and truth always hurts, so it is normal for people to try and hide behind the shadows thinking that their insecurities can be hidden…weak people hate Eminem; real people understand his lyrics…stop just hearring him and start listening…

  3. Marshall aka Eminem Adopted Alaina because her mother Dawn could not afford to raise her in a good stable household.since Hailie and Alaina were so close Marshall took Alaina in…Just as simple as that

  4. I wanted to know what the song off the new album Encore titled crazy in love is all about. who is the subject of that song. is it kim?? if it is is it kinda like a flashback? if not who is it and what is it all about?

  5. yes please I’m form Argentina and i wanted to know who is the person that eminem talks about in “crazy in love” I don’t think is about Kim

  6. eminem is the best lyriscist in the world. and on top of that hes white, and he has hit back at every critic that has been hit at him

  7. Eminem is one of the most fantastic song writers in the world he speaks the truth he speaks about life he is truly a genius!!!!!!!

  8. yo, eminem is maaad sick, ill give that to you for sure, but doesnt anyone else notice that his new cd is a little weak? its seems like he put it together in like a week with no thought and shitty beats. i love eminem and hes amazing, but i find i cant chill to his music anymore like i could with his older stuff. hes too happy now and i think i miss the angry eminem who had nothing to lose. anyone agree?

  9. I love Eminems new album, I think it cool. my fave song is mocking bird followed by loose itt. I encourage everyone to buy it.

  10. yo guys i just wanna add that i love eminem and i have ever since i was like 6 and i have 13 off his albums and my fav album is marshall mathers lp and my fav eminem song is the way i am cos its just expressing everythign about himself and him letting all his deep real shit out which fans should respect too i know soem songs may seem a bit off beat but u gotta respect the shit about his life aswel as his crazy publicity shit liek just lose it that was banged together and made in like 5 mins and stuff but songs like the way i am n mockingbird cleaning out my closet have proopour meaning and yall should respect that well i do and id like to say top dawg on the new c.d marshall encore its bril i love you anyway wanna write bck or e mail me on feel free cheers xx

  11. i relle want to know more about laney… do any of u kno more about her, or were i could find information on her?

  12. eminem rox my world.he is jus so great in every way end of descussion srew any1 who tinks different!!!

  13. i luv eminem and i alwayz will no matter awt. he has amazing lyriccs, hot ass beats, and hez da truth.i luv how he is with hailie. adatz maddd cute.

  14. Eminem is the greats rappe alive, I would have done nething to have gone to the shady national convention. -Noelle,11,P.A.

  15. Iv loved eminem since he came out wen i was just 11 yrs old i developed a huge crush on him & became obsessed wiv him n used 2 cry every night listenin 2 stan coz my dad wouldnt get me tickets 2 go n c him how sad am i?? i still think he is extremely talented-infact ace, but i aint obsessed wiv him no more!! xx big it up 2 all those homies out there who love em! xx Loz, aged 14 xx

  16. hey waz good i thought id drop about eminem im not gonna sit here and say i luv the dude and shit i just never understood people saying shit like that but over all eminem is a bad ass rapper his new cd is definitely sick but i gotta say its not what i was expecting i was hoping there would be alot more songs that are like hard core and shit but the songs like encore 1 shot 2 shot mocking bird evil deeds toy soldier and mosh are definitly the hottest shit sense the way i am cleaning out my closet and white america i would definitely like to know more about laney im not the type to wanna know peoples business but she just kinda popped up and im like who the fuck is she

    final comment the dude is definitly and by far the sickest lyrical genious to date

  17. alright, in the song stan, stan tells eminem that he had a daughter “guess what ima call her, ima name her bonnie” as to which eminem replies “im really flattered you would call your daughter that”… question is, whos bonnie? any help? lemme know

  18. IF he had **

  19. For all the girls who like eminem i got news.he has a girlfriend and she goes by Malishez. She is becoming a rapper and she is
    going to sign with interscope records I found out by my uncle he is eminem’s assistant

  20. jus gotta say how sick encore is an hu d fuck is he taling about in crazy in love, luv all d songs cant wait 2 hear his new shit d man is a genius

  21. excuse me??? fuck you Ciara.. you dont know a shit of him…so fuck off!! well..i want to know why is Dirty Dozen? why that name for D12? if anybody knows please answer me at my e-mail…thanks AGUANTE EMINEM!!!

  22. I love em. He gives me hope..keeps me from killing my self. I have a six year old daughter too. it’s not easy…he makes it bearable.

  23. Rachel, Yo, yes i got into the ciera web site…she’s so ugly! i told her why she don look first at the mirror instead of talkin shit of em ,and yes im from aregntina…why?


  25. yo i wanna kno who tha fukk bonnie is too…ive been wondering bout that…oh yeah and i agree wit everyone who said fukk ciera…FUCK YOU BITCH YOU CANT SAY SHIT ABOUT EM!!!!! UR JUST JEALOUS OF HIM CUZ HEZ WHAT YOU WANNA BE AND ITZ JUST TO EZ 2 C UR REALLY JUST A BIG WEENIE BIG WEENIE!!!!!! FUCK OFF PENDEJA!!!!

    YALL JUST JELOUS OF ME CUZ I SAY THE TRUTH!!! 2 DOLLA HOOKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  28. i still dont know who bonnie is, im the origional person who asked, his uncle who died was ronnie, not bonnie, who the hell is bonnie? and stop messaging stupid shit noone cares about and contribute to the questions people are asking

  29. alainas the same age as hailie, their cousins, and eminem adopted her…anyways, whos bonnie,still asking

  30. Bonnie is being referred to as in ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ the infamous Duo, because on his first album he has a song called ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ that is about him riding with Hallie and Kim is dead in the trunk.

  31. from ashley:eminem is the shit so take a happy pill. Every 1 should just be happy because if eminem wasnt raping about his life it would be boring and he is REALLY BRAVE to let every one no what is going on in his life.

    from sam: he is only speaking his mind. see were all of you were talking about how he is so bad and no1 should listen to him, well that was how u speak your mind and no1 is slammin u so stop slamming emenem

    luv sam & ashley
    ps if any one has any comments about wut we wrote email sam at and email ashley at

  32. Eminem is probably the best rapper out there! I don’t care what anybody says. I love all his albums. I also think it was really cool of Em to adopt Alaina so she would be able to be stable finacially. I think that if Ciara had a life, she wouldn’t waste it here talking about how much Eminem supposedly sucks. E-mail me at!

  33. This is going out to Ciara for the comment on
    Jan 22 at 8:56 PM…..Wow Ciara you sound like a
    jealous loser any body who could wish a kid death
    must have it real bad……..By the way Eminem is
    real good looking and stupid now come on even if he were stupid who would care……..but he can’t be that stupid making all the millions…
    I truly feel bad for you I think you have hate inside.. Halie’s a could you say should really channel that aggression

  34. WHEN WAS LANEY BORN AND HOW OLD IS SHE… HOW CAN I SEE EMINEMS NEW VIDEO MOCKINGBIRD… does anyone know, if laney calls eminem daddy? or whateer

  35. haha REBECA what’s his number? but what’s up! i hate that girl ciara girl. ugh i’m gonna go on her website haha it’s gonna be funny. ciara don’t be such a hater i’m mean dang!

  36. now hush little baby dont you cry everythings gonna be al right sttifen that upper lip up little lady i told ya daddys here to hold ya through the night.

  37. I think Eminem is fucking awesome!!! Mosh is the best song ever and anyone who doesnt like Eminem can go choke on a dick.

  38. oh my goddd oh my godddddddd!!! mmm are you really alaina???????? okey….if you really are…i think im going to screamm….YOUR DAD IS THE BEST THING HAPPENED TO ME..KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIMM…AND I THINK EVERYBODY THAT WRITE HERE DOES!!( EXCEP ONE BITCH…MM CIERA MMMMMM) WELL…EM IS THE BEST*

  39. thanks karim. i really like this site because a lot of people support my dad, me and my sister. i write on this site as much as i can when im not busy.

  40. yo. I don’t belive dat dats really Alaina. PRRRRRROOOOFFFF??????And Ems da best. Oh and I don’t belive dat u really gots his #. lets have it????????????? HOlla back at ur gurl

  41. everyone on here is stange exsept me Eminem is cool but i dont fancy his he dose great music. my fav song is mockingbird because i know what its like to be adopted and i think in is so nise of Eminem to adopted Laney. My adoption didnt work out so i am fortered again. But i am tushed at how kind Eminem is.

  42. hey i think eminem is pretty cool and I think he really cares about his daughters (haili and alaina) I don’t know if i believe that that really is alaina mathers though because anyone could say that, but if it is when is your birthday and you and hailie are really cute!!!

  43. also I would like to say that Ciera is pretty out of her mind and needs some serious help if she wishes that a little kid would die who she’s never even met

  44. Yo Cierra!Fuck you,you fuckin cunt.Don’t ever be talkin shit about my daughter!If I knew where you lived,I’d beat the shit out of you!Fuckin slut!I’ll cut your throat when your fuckin asleep bitch.Don’t fuckin piss me off!Damb I hate some people!!!

  45. is that really you eminem if it is wow me and my friend sierra LOVE your song mockingbird and we both think Hailie and Alaina are very cute!!

  46. Was that reall Eminem. If so I love you sooo much. And lizzie is right , Hailie and Alania are the most beautiful girls i’ve seen

  47. Hiya…I do dout that that is Laney…and if it is her Should you be asking for a 12 yr olds number?! I’m sure Marshall would love that!

  48. Alaina, on an interview i saw on the internet Eminem says that you call him uncle he said this “My niece… she calls me uncle” im not tryin to start anythin here so dont think i hate eminem cuz he iz always on my mind and right now i think im goona scream cuz i cant get tickets to his concert here in AZ and im dying cuz this is a 1nce and lifetime chance (i know im exaggerating)4 me!!!!!!!!! and ive never seen him live b 4 so ya e-mail me @ when u get the chance plz cuz i need to tell u somethin i think ur gonna wanna show ur dad

  49. Hey Ciara! if this site iz so stupid den y u on it n e way? and u dont know shit bout Eminem wishing 4 a kid ecspecially eminem’s little girl to die then u need help otherwise get ur motha fuckin head 2 gether and quite gettin stoned wat eva it iz u smokin or if ur really jus wacked up in da brain obviously

  50. Hey! I’d just like to let ceira know that you dont know what the fuck u r talking about!!!!

    Eminem rocks!! Do you ever just LISTEN to his lyrics? obviously NOT!!! Em tells it like it is, he doesn’t rap about the sex and how many ho’s he’s fucked. sure he has rapped about some stuff like that, but not every single video is about that. He tells it like it is.

    Nikolas is right, weak people hate Eminem, and guess what? YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. i THINK THE MOCKINGBIRD VIDEO IS GREAT .eminem is better than ever before . I really like the way he express himself.

  52. Hey Em, I’m from germany and I was here in the US for a year. I was hoping I’d see you on tour. But now it turned out that I have to go back to gemany 2 weeks before you go on tour. great luck, huh?! I’m really sad I can’t be there, because I’d have to book a flight with money I don’t have. So I was wondering when you come to Germany again. The last time you were there I was first row, you turned around, smiled at me and showed me your finger… you probably don’t remember… Well anyway, the show was fuckin awsome and I can’t wait to see you next one. So do you plan on comin back? I really hope you are. Ok, love you and take care of yourself, you’re the best!!!!!! Sandra

  53. this sux major ass! i cant t go 2 the tour concert first my dad says yes jus to get my hopes up then wat duz he do? bring back down as usual

  54. this is exactly what expected out of eminem fans. Infantile no-marks who’s own live are so empty that they have to rely on mr mathers to get through life. Marshall is a good writer without a doubt he is lyrically gifted. Is he the best ever??no?
    i mean ..look at this crap :-
    “TIffani Says:
    January 31st, 2005 at 7:52 pm
    I love em. He gives me hope..keeps me from killing my self. I have a six year old daughter too. it’s not easy…he makes it bearable.”

    U are one weak person who really doesn’t need to be having children if you have to rely on a pop can em save your life and stop you from killing yourself. Grow up and get real if not for your daughters sake.

    As i scrolled down the page it decends into playground insults and asnine commentary. this is the reason eminem has bodyguards and write certain versus in”the way i am”.

    anyway peace out kiddies
    love music dont live it

  55. yah so umm that wasnt really laney er eminem… cuz umm she calls him her uncle not dad!! and umm yah u guys dont really got his fone number…. and to answer the other person… bonnie is his other daughter that died her nd ronnie died in a plane crash!

  56. That wasn’t Alaina, i know her she goes to my school. She doesn’t call Marhsall her dad she calls him Marshall or uncle Marshall but she does call Hailie her sister. Her birthday is may 3rd, 1993 not february. The reason Marshall and Kim adopted her is cause when she was born her twin brother was born handy capped and she hasn’t met him or her dad they live together. She lived with her grandma for a short while but she didn’t wanna pay her niece to babysit her so Laney lived with Marshall and Kim after that and they adopted her in 1999 i think and that was because they had coustody over her. When they divorced she lived with Hailie and Kim and then Whitney when she was born. Marshall and Kim where back together sometime and then she they all lived together, also with Whitney, who’s Kim’s second daughter, she’s 3 years old now. But Laney then lived with only Kim, Hailie and Whitney untill a year and a half ago. Then she and Hailie moved in with Marshall and now they still live with him and Whitney lives with them once in a while. If you don’t believe me then ask me anything about Laney and i’ll tell you..

  57. hey, for all those ppl asking who bonnie is, listen to 97 bonnie and clyde (slim shady lp) Em refers to himself as clyde and haylie as bonnie. so when stan said he wanted to name his daughter after bonnie he actually meant haylie in some sorta way. by the way the chick who said Em is ugly needs to go FUCK herself!!! . Em Rocks and there aint no doubt about it!!!!

  58. rachel he named her bonnie because of 97 bonnie n clyde
    em says
    97 bonnie n clyde m n my daughter

  59. hey the guy named son
    hailie and alaina r not the same age if u have seen da film clip of mockinbird u would noe dat

  60. hey rachel if you really are in the same school why do not you tell us her phone number or maybe how really she is ? i mean if she is a nice girl or i do not know and do you know hailie too. please answer me or e mail me

  61. hu eva dosent lyk EMINEM AKA ceria
    is a freak and should go 2 hell
    eminenm rulz and he just adopted a little girl cause her mum couldnt afford her so yeh

  62. you can find photos on and go into images and type hailie and alaina mathers


  64. omg im bout to cry eminem mite b retireing
    my idol mite be retierin
    i hav loved eminem since yr3 he cant go now he just cant does ne1 agree wif me here??
    im depressed now leave me alone
    r u happy ceria u got ur wish eminem mite not sing nemore
    worst day of my like!!!!!!!!!

  65. uumiet r u crazy kim shouldnt cause den eminem will go crazy do sumthin 2 kim and then mite 2 jail so no kim should not give eminem nother change im not goin against eminem its just i dunt really want my idol in jail!!!!!

  66. to all u ppl hoo think eminem and alaina and alainas friend was on here..ur gay and nstupid..y do u think eminem and alaina would come on this site and write crap about stuff…u ppl are retards..godd

    and i luv eminem*** dont say i dont

  67. will i “DISAGREE” with you uumiet u want 2 get eminem in jail or sumthin???????? dats y he shouldnt get wif KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. is it true that eminem will no longer be a singer please someone answer and by the way thanks rachel to answer me

  69. no dats not true as eminem is not retiering his just takin a break i read it on a interveiw on and look 4 eminem


  70. omg hu has herd da bad news
    eminem is in rehab!!!!! 4 bein addicted 2 sleepin pills he has cancelled his anger mangagement tour in germany and his europen tour!!!!!!!!!

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