The John O'Donoghue files (Part 3 – Berlin)

It’s July 2006 and John O’Donoghue goes to Berlin. Kate Ann O’Donoghue goes too. Over €2000 is spent on hotels, and another €377 on VIP services at the airport, and nearly €2,500 on limousines. They were in Berlin from July 7 to July 11.

Berlin 01
Berlin 02
Berlin 03
Berlin 04
Berlin 05
Berlin 06
Berlin 07 (The tickets)
Berlin 08
Berlin 09
Berlin 10
Berlin 11
Berlin 12
Berlin 13
Berlin 14

JOD Part 1
JOD Part 2

7 thoughts on “The John O'Donoghue files (Part 3 – Berlin)”

  1. You have gone to a lot of trouble with this. It would have been better if you had saved docs as pdf files. They would be more easily accessed

  2. Does anyone know when Johno is back in Ireland?
    I met up with him in Cheltenham in 07 and he is great craic.
    The driver he had with him that day had a guitar and there was a mini sing song at the Merc.
    Does Terry Gallagher sing and play the guitar?

  3. @ John Jones – Not sure if that comment was meant to be sarcastic, but if it was genuine, then it pretty much encapsulates one of the big problems with this country, and why we are in such shit.

    Ah sure, he may be ripping us off left right and center, and tearing the arse out of his expenses. But in fairness he’s great craic, a decent old skin, sure he bought me a pint, and we had a great oul sing song at his car later on. Sure, they’re all at the strokes, there’s worse he could be doing…

  4. I recall, during the Rody Molloy flights controversy, that one of the points made was about possible tax consequences if an employer paid for a spouse to accompany an employee on a trip where the spouse’s presence was not necessary for business purposes. The Revenue Commissioners were quoted as saying that benefit-in-kind tax could apply to flight tickets used by the spouse of a business person under some circumstances. But a spokesman said it would depend on whether the spouse was taking part in business activities — such as attending a conference.

    So where does this leave John O’Donoghue, whose wife seems to have been paid for (by you and me) to accompany him on all his overseas junkets? I have no doubt the Revenue Commissioners are onto this already…..

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