The John O'Donoghue files (Part 5 – Hat at Ascot)

It’s late June 2006. Mr O’Donoghue, his wife and his private secretary make their way to London for Royal Ascot. Highlights include:

Stay in the 5-star Hayfield Manor Hotel in Cork, before departing for Cork Airport.
Fly to RAF Farnborough from Cork airport, on a private Beechcraft jet.
Stay at the Pennyhill Park Hotel
Go to PGA Tour lunch at Royal Ascot.
Spend €120 on a hat.
Fly back commercially.

Lonjun12 (The €120 hat receipt)

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5 thoughts on “The John O'Donoghue files (Part 5 – Hat at Ascot)”

  1. You mean, after all that money he didn't even get to KEEP the hat??

    Seems like a perfect metaphor for the whole sorry mess… plenty of expense, and not a worthwhile thing to show for it.

  2. Why did she need 3 hats? And again, and this applies to Johnny, the Missus and O'Connor – they all get “subs” for travelling, but also get everything re-imbursed. Its a tax evasion scam. If a company gave employees their legitimate expenses and then a dollop of money on top, it would be taxed. And if it wasnt returned on a tax form it is a criminal offence.

    But not for Johnny, the Missus and O'Connor.

    But then they have a crowd of gobshites like us to cough up

  3. The Revenue Commissioners say that benefit-in-kind tax could apply to flight costs etc of the accompanying spouse of a business person under some circumstances. It apparently depends on whether the spouse was taking part in business activities — such as attending a conference.

    So where does this leave John O’Donoghue, whose wife seems to have been paid for (by you and me) to accompany him on most of his overseas junkets, even though he had his personal assistant along as well? I have no doubt the Revenue Commissioners are onto this already….. (not)

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