Kathryn Blair suicide bid

Seems like the story has finally leaked out, I did point it out a good while back, after a tip off from a reader in London. No.10 are keeping very quiet about it, apparently all the lobby journalists were asked to keep quiet. She was rushed to hospital after a suspected overdose. Rumours suggest she was being taunted at school for her weight, and for her dad being a warmonger. I do hope she recovers from her traumatic experience.

Update May 6th 2005: There has been a surge in interest in this story today. Can any readers let me know why? Because Blair got a third term?

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The Secret Agent: Undercover at the BNP

Newsnight just did an exerpt of a documentary to be shown tomorrow. It portrays the near unbelievable level of racism in the British National Party. It looks as if several people secretly recorded in the documentary will face hefty prison sentences if convicted of inciting racial hatred.

The founder of the party also makes highly insulting remarks about Michael Howard, his jewishness, his Romanian origins etc.

Crazy people.

Diplomats attack Blair's Israel policy

A blistering attack on Blair and his foreign policy.

The virtually unprecedented letter criticises the prime minister for claiming influence over the US president, George Bush, and American policy, then backing the Israel policy when it was already “doomed to failure”.

“We feel the time has come to make our anxieties public, in the hope that they will be addressed in parliament and will lead to a fundamental reassessment,” the letter said.

European constitution referendum

Tom hopes that everybody will be voting Yes to the European constitution referendum in the UK. I for one will be voting No in the referendum here, that is of course if we have one. And I guess it won’t make a difference either, since we will just keep having referenda until its pushed through.

Roy Hattersley disagrees with me.

Blair: a no vote means no

Blair’s remarks are curious to those of us in Ireland who voted No in both identical Nice referenda. He seems to be talking around the issue rather than directly answering the questions posed.

I would imagine that if the UK does vote No to the referendum that Blair will go back to the EU and attempt some kind of renegotiation, followed by a second referendum. This will be just a small bit more than the Irish government tried to do – it simply put the same question a year later.

Could this become a trend in European nations?

I missed a good night

Sounds like everyone had a good time at the debate on blogging in the House of Commons last night. I wish I could have made it. I did attend the last event in the Grand Committee room, and have met everyone that was there, besides a couple of bloggers with whom I have recently become acquainted online.

The best commentary comes from one of those I have yet to meet, Jackie D. My old mate Tom was apparently falling asleep, fellow debate regular James Crabtree was also there, along with blogger-in-training Clive.

I would hope to meet Jackie, Norman and Paul at a future event, once I get myself back in London.